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Come explore your inner world of creation and discover how “split intentions” keep you from manifesting your higher vision and longings. If you are ready to live with more grace, love, and ease this 3-week class will help you stay on course.

1st Session: Learn how to identify your split intentions and release the old belief systems that hold you back. Strengthen your pure positive intent for new creations and catalyze your personal power to make real strides on your path towards fulfillment and manifesting your soul’s longing.

2nd Session: Discover your unique divine essence and learn how to express it as a part of your life purpose. Open to receive the support you need as you share your gifts with the world.

3rd Session: Integrate and align your connection with the Earth, your power center, your soul’s longing, and universal wisdom. Move forward with your aspirations as you manifest from this new place of unity.

+1 Healing Session: You will receive a Hara Healing to anchor your energy field into harmonic resonance with your positive intention and souls longing.

Total of 4 sessions for $620 or two payments of $310.
Sessions are 1.5 hours

Intensive can be done via Skype or in-person.

Soul Alignment Intensive Payment