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“When We Accept Our Painful Past, Our Wounds Can Heal, And The Truth Of Who We Are Can Be Set Free.”

What do you do when life gets hard?

  • Do you pull away and withdraw?
  • Do you collapse into a state of helplessness?
  • Do you get caught up in blame and negativity?
  • Do you cycle into a state of self-destruction and self-sabotage?
  • Do you beat yourself up for not being “good enough”?
  • Do you enter a state of denial and shut yourself down emotionally?

Mindful Somatic Counseling sessions will help you study yourself from the inside out, bringing awareness to how you are self-organized. Mindfulness, also called witnessing, allows you to track what’s going on in the present moment. This process helps unwind negative unconscious beliefs that are blocking you from living the life you long to live. Sessions are designed to connect you with your unique inherent wisdom and open-heartedness so you can receive guidance and direction from your own inner teacher.


Immediately upon meeting Deanna I knew I could trust her. She is very generous and openhearted. Her quite, but strong presence, is powerful. Throughout our work together she always stayed present and grounded which allowed me to discover really important things about myself. I’m really grateful for the tools she gave me. I also appreciate that Deanna talks about spiritual things in a real grounded way, which makes me know she’s not another “spiritual, marketing healer.
Hila Gersztenkorn Paris, France

How it works:

Mindful Somatic Counseling sessions will deepen your understanding of who you are and why you respond to life the way you do. It is a process of slowing down and paying close attention to your words, body posture, voice, breath, sensations and memories. This witnessing process helps to uncover unconscious patterns of how you’ve been operating in the world and what is blocking you from acquiring deeper levels of emotional support and nourishment. As these blocks and patterns reveal themselves, you’ll be able to start piecing together what has been missing from your life and begin moving towards creating a happier and healthier existence.


“Mastery is the natural result of mindfulness.”

– Ron Kurtz


Counseling sessions will help you:

  • Attune to your own inner teacher and soul.
  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Release self destructive patterns
  • Build self-confidence and self-nurturing
  • Strengthen emotional well-being
  • Develop positive intentions to accomplish life goals
  • Decrease levels of stress and tension
  • Transform your relationships
  • Align with your life work
Deanna is an amazing therapist. She has the skillful ability to not just make me feel seen and heard but help me probe deeper than I knew was possible. She is like an eagle that sees the whole picture, she has sharp eyes and a knack for details that finds the four leafed clover and brings good luck. She embodies the warmth of a mother at all times. In her presence I have total trust, I can let my guard down and start to love myself more deeply as she does. Her awesome sense of humor, especially around her own humanity, helps me feel intimately held in the present moment.
Buster Radvik - Psychotherapist, Stockholm Sweden

Sessions are done in an atmosphere of safety, loving presence, acceptance, mutual respect and confidentiality. If you are ready to find out what is standing in your way from living a happy, successful, and satisfying life let’s get started!