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“When we are able to listen and honor our soul we come back into alignment with our true self.”

  • Do you have unresolved family, work, or community issues weighing heavy on your soul?
  • Do you let great opportunities pass you by because you don’t feel worthy of receiving them?
  • Do you feel like your dreams are out of reach and your needs will never be met?
  • Do you find yourself struggling and going over the same problems over and over again?
  • Are you sick of feeling drained, overworked and uninspired by your life?
  • Do you struggle with health issues?

Systemic Family Constellation sessions are a powerful modality to help you transform a challenge or emotional block you are currently facing. Many of the issues we face, in our personal and professional life, did not start with us but have a related origin within our family lineage. We have all come into this world with an energetic blueprint from our family of origin. This blueprint has an enormous unconscious effect on how we experience the world around us.

If family members have experienced loss, neglect, abuse, incest, depression, financial crises, family separation or health matters, these issues often become entangled in the “soul” of the family. Systemic Family Constellation sessions help participants unravel and clear these entanglements. This powerful therapeutic approach helps create a safe frame for experiential resolutions to family issues, relationship conflicts, career hurdles, financial struggles, intimacy problems and other areas of your life.

My session with Deanna was quite simply amazing. She is warm and genuinely cares about helping resolve confusing family entanglements. I loved how she helped me realize dynamics that were at play between me and other family members that were so close to me that they were invisible to me. Just wow! It’s over 24 hours later and I’m still integrating this healing session. Thank you!
Christabel Zamor, Bali, Indonesia., Creator Breath of Bliss

How it works:

You can sign up for a private one-on-one session as a “client” or attend a Family Constellation workshop. In a workshop setting, you can sign up as a “client,” “representative,” or “observer.”

A systemic constellation session begins by discussing your present challenge and gathering some background information from you. Once there’s a good understanding of the core issue you will be asked to identify “representative” individuals (workshop sessions) or objects (in person/Skype sessions) to represent certain people in your life. You will then place them in the space in relationship to each other.  Most importantly, you will choose a person as a representative for “you.”

After the constellation is set up, Deanna will facilitate the constellation process. During this time, the client is an observer and the “reps” help to reveal certain elements of the family/relationship dynamic. Through this process, hidden or unconscious entanglements will usually begin to surface. The simple recognition of these unresolved issues, from the perspective granted by this work, is often the catalyst for shifting out of states of loss, trauma, and grief. Constellation sessions are designed to bring things back into order and balance. This powerful therapy method is capable of creating deep and lasting resolutions.


“The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.”

– Bert Hellinger

This method will help you:

  • Release unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Clear unresolved entanglements in the family system
  • Heal from pregnancy issues like miscarriages, stillborn, or abortion

  • Find peace with family secrets
  • Help you feel grounded and supported
  • Release old patterns that keep you from manifesting your dreams
  • Uncover financial problems so you can begin making wiser choices
  • Let go of challenges you are facing career wise

Interested in attending a Systemic Family Constellation workshop?

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