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Systemic Family Constellation Workshops


Systemic Family Constellation workshops are a powerful modality to help you transform a challenge or emotional block you are currently facing. Many of the issues we face, in our personal and professional life, did not start with us but have a related origin within our family lineage. We have all come into this world with [...]

The Hakomi Principles: A mindful path towards personal transformation


The Hakomi Principles: A mindful path towards personal transformation I discovered the Hakomi therapy model while I was studying at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) in 2002. I personally experienced clinical work using this powerful but gentle therapeutic modality. The gift of the Hakomi work is the ability to connect body and mind simultaneously [...]

Walking Meditation: An opportunity for increasing connection to self and others


Walking Meditation: An opportunity for increasing connection to self and others With a constant bombardment of emails, work obligations, text messages, child-care and household chores living out of balance has become our new normal. Many of us are overworked, we have too many things on our to-do list resulting in a stress state for our [...]

Creating Peaceful and Loving Relationships


We are not born with the attributes and skills necessary to create peaceful and loving relationships. We have to acquire them. Many of us acquired unhealthy habits of relating and communicating, which have resulted in relationships that are difficult, confrontational and unfulfilling. These attributes and skills that create peaceful and loving relationships can be taught [...]