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Greetings! A Brief Introduction

I’m Deanna Feeley and I am dedicated to helping you or a loved one live a happier, healthier life. For many people life is challenging. It’s not always loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving. Life challenges often create emotional cycles involving anger, fear, stress, or past trauma. The roots of these emotional states are usually conditioned patterns that create barriers to intimacy, happiness, and fulfillment. Learning to understand and transform our early conditioning is a critical step in our growth and personal evolution. For the past fifteen years, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world transform their lives through the application of different healing and counseling techniques.

My personal journey of transformation began nearly 20 years ago with daily Yogic practice and has included travel and training internationally. I graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2006 with a diploma in Healing Science. I advanced my training in Somatic Experiential Psychology at the M.E.T.A. Institute of Oregon where I trained in The Hakomi Method of body-centered psychotherapy, Human Character Theory (maps), Recreation of Self (RCS), and Mindfulness. In addition, I am a certified Family Constellation Facilitator, Addiction Recovery Coach, and yoga teacher. Simultaneously, over the past 15 years, I have immersed myself in the world of shamanism, studying plant-based medicinal healing tools with both Peruvian and African shamans.

The modalities I am currently offering include Brennan Energy Healing ®, Mindful Somatic Counseling, Recovery Coaching, Systemic Family Constellations, and Personal Transformational Healing Retreats. Through working together, we will explore the dimensions of your world that exist as barriers to self-love and limit your potential in life, love, and relationships.

How I work

I offer a free initial 20 – minute Skype consultation so we can discuss your current challenges and develop a plan together that will help you achieve your goals. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation Click here.

My home office is located in Portland, Oregon. My international practice includes private one-on-one sessions (in-person or Skype/phone) classes and workshops, and transformational healing retreats in the United States, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Canada, and Bali Indonesia.

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If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send an email here. 


Deanna Feeley

                               Deanna’s Professional Bio

For over 15 years, I have met clients with compassion, wisdom, and confidentiality. I have experience working with clients in active Addiction or Early Recovery, Relationship Difficulties, Life Transitions and Direction, Sexual Wounding, Grief and Loss, Trauma, and End of Life Care. I receive ongoing clinical supervision and work with an integrated network of clinicians of the highest integrity and caliber.

Formal Education and Clinical Training:

  • 2002-Completed a one-year residency program at Yoga Medicine Institute studying Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda with founder Prema Khandro Rinpoche

  • 2006-Graduate from the Brennan Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) a 4-year professional studies program with world-renowned healer Dr. Barbara Brennan former NASA physicist and bestselling author of “Hands of Light”.

  • 2010-Completed the Hakomi Method of Experiential Body-Centered Psychotherapy from Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches Institute. (M.E.T.A Institute)

    • Completed Maps: Advanced Clinical Interventions and Strategies (M.E.T.A. Institute)
    • Completed Re-Creation of Self Model of Human Systems (R-CS) with founder Jon Eisman (M.E.T.A. Institute)
    • Completed Training in ‘The Subtleties of Trauma’ with Manuela Reeds
  • 2016-Completed Systemic Family Constellation Training with Dr. Jane Peterson at Human Systems Institute

  • 2016-Completed National Certified Recovery Coach Training from the Addictions Academy

What I most appreciate about Deanna is her ability to sit with patients in the greatest depths of pain and despair, and listen whole-heartedly. In her careful listening, she is able to help people transform pain, and find underlying meaning, direction and true potential for happiness. Through Deanna’s unique understanding of psychology and the human spirit, difficulty becomes a platform for growth, fulfillment, and the discovery of joy. She has a true capacity to heal. Just being in her happy and positive presence has a great effect on patients.
Ann K. - Portland, OR